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About FormX

The way construction should be

Who has time for construction projects that take months or even years? Our revolutionary component-based building methodology starts with a computer-generated design and ends with us creating fully-functional customizable living spaces  on site within days.



We took leading minds from the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines  and put them to work conceiving of a better way to build the homes of the future. Our tech-first process makes FormX living spaces simple to design, fast to build and strong enough to stand teh test of time. 

Simple & intuitive

We  believe construction should be simple, clean and intuitive. FormX studios come together from high-end modular interlocking components that require no pre-assembly and can be built on your premises by local builders.

Greener, cleaner and better 

Our thoughtfully-sourced materials are sustainable, recyclable and of a quality that will stand the test of time. Our zero-waste building process eliminates the waste created by excess travel and transportation. Superior insulation means all our units are designed to prevent sound leakage and save energy. 

The Team

The team

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Los Altos

171 Main St. #258, Los Altos CA 94022

+1 650-405-0451

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