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About FormX

Work-Life Balance

Our backyard studios are the perfect combination of engineering and architectural design. Breathe a sigh of relief as you leave the noise and distractions of your living room and head out to your backyard haven. Reclaim your freedom and restore balance to your life.


A new way to work and create

In a world that’s changing faster than the speed of thought, we dreamed of a backyard haven that can support your life at all stages. Whether you need an office space to separate between your home and creative domains or a larger ADU to provide living space for guests or family members, you can find the balance you need with a fully customized backyard haven. 

Simple & intuitive construction

Our visionary team of leaders from the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines saw a better way to build spaces where dreams can happen. We believe construction should be simple, clean and intuitive. FormX studios come together from high-end modular interlocking components that require no pre-assembly and can be built on your premises by local builders.

Greener, cleaner and better 

We  found a way to not only reduce waste but to replace whatever resources we take from our precious earth. Our thoughtfully-sourced materials are sustainable, recyclable and of a quality that will stand the test of time. Our zero-waste building process eliminates the waste created by excess travel and transportation. Superior insulation means all our units are designed to prevent sound leakage and save energy. 

The Team

Gal Rosensweig

Gal Rosensweig

Co-founder, CEO

A serial entrepreneur and inventor who straddles the worlds of architecture, construction, engineering and business, Gal brings a depth of technological and business insight as well as impressive experience steering promising companies to success. 

Shay Hasson

Shay Hasson

Co-founder, VP BizDev

Nominated as one of 100 leaders accelerating the company of tomorrow, Shay is a seasoned business guru, serial entrepreneur, and VC investor. With a host of successful startups under his belt, shay sits on the boards of several successful companies and brings a wealth of business know-how to the FormX team.

Nami Gheidar

Nami Gheidar

Co-founder, Head of Product

A true self-starter, this Stanford-educated entrepreneur boasts an impressive track record in the software and mechanical engineering spaces. Combining technological excellence with strategic thinking and a wealth of practical business experience, Nami has what it takes to build and nurture the products of the future.

Isaac Benharush

Isaac Benharush

Director of Procurement

Isaac leverages more than ten years of real estate investment and operational experience to expertly manage all activities relating to purchasing from building departments, managing supply chains and dealing with the relevant stakeholders.

The team

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Los Altos

171 Main St. #258, Los Altos CA 94022

+1 650-405-0451

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