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Effortless, Fast, Beautiful, Functional

The future
of building
is here 

Your custom-made premium backyard office or ADU effortlessly assembled in your backyard through our revolutionary building process. 



Reinforced combination steel and wood frame on a solid foundation will ensure that your haven will stand firm in all weather conditions.



Unique modular building process means your haven will be complete 70% faster than using traditional building methods. 



Exterior and interior panels made from the highest-quality sustainable materials give a flawless, luxury finish. 



No noise, no fuss, no waste. Local builders construct your haven
on-site using only hand tools.

Certified Sustainable 

Certified Sustainable 

More than just good looks, environmentally-sound too. Good for you and good for the planet. 

EPD Verified

Energy Saving


Low Carbon 

Regional and localized manufacturing and construction minimizes transport-related emissions.

Building components made from recycled materials.

Lower carbon emissions than most other building materials.

Make space for YOU.

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-14 at 4.18 2.png

Make space for your life. 


Make space for your genius.

Backyard Office

Welcome, California

ADU havens are spreading around the bay. 


Your freedom awaits…
in 3 simple steps:


Choose your Configuration

Start with one of our two foundational designs (Cypress and Sequoia) and then add your personal stamp. Tailor the configuration to suit your available space and choose from a range of stunning finishes that will bring joy to your busy days. 


Fast, Effortless Construction

Our revolutionary construction method uses interlocking pieces that fit together to form structures that are both incredibly strong and incredibly easy and efficient to build. It will only take one week for your backyard studio to be fully assembled on-site.


Create your dreams 

Savor the quiet and let your ideas and creativity grow in your tranquil backyard haven. 


Take a deep breath,
step outside and go create your dreams.


You’re juggling many things. You are working, studying, cooking, eating, and a ton of other things all in one location. Sometimes, separation is what you need!

Thoughts need peace

You want to finish that work project, watch that lecture or simply be alone with your thoughts. You need a quiet spot to simply sit and percolate. Step into your backyard and enter your haven anytime you need - you don’t need a special reason. 

Separate work from home

Working from home is great … until it isn’t. Then again, a long traffic-laden commute is not exactly a dream come true. Get the best of all worlds with the shortest possible commute to the best possible office. 

Noise is everywhere 

Whether it’s your kids, your pets, or the leaf-blower from next door, modern life is endlessly loud and distracting. A space of peace and tranquility is a gift you give to yourself and it never gets boring. 



Work means different things to different people. Whatever it means to you, you need a place where you can think, dream, experiment, and create in peace.

Step away from the mayhem

There are times when working from the kitchen table (or your kid’s bedroom) just doesn’t cut it. Simply stepping into another space frees your mind, zaps boredom, and jumpstarts your creative juices. You can do exactly that - without a commute.

Give your ideas room to grow

You can’t be at your creative best when a million distractions are fighting for supremacy in your mind. A room of your own, designed in a way that inspires you is the tonic you need for a productive work day.

Incubate your creativity

Calm surroundings produce the wildest and best ideas. Your creativity is precious. It’s what helps you make your unique stamp upon the world. Honor your genius by giving it a place to roam free and develop into something outstanding.


ADU Regulations

Click below to learn about the specific regulations relevant to your area.



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