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Your new home is steps away


Our process is simple, fast, clean, and reliable, with no hidden fees and surprises. Your living space will be ready in 4 simple steps:


your Dream

We’ll listen to what you want, create an aerial map, and then draw up a 3D visualization that translates your ideas into a plan. Once you've chosen the design that gets your heart racing, you’ll make tweaks and customizations, and then we’ll get to work constructing the components. 


Getting the 

Each city has its own ADU/house construction rules, but you don't have to worry because we take care of all the bureaucracy. From filling out forms to coordinating with city officials and obtaining permits, we handle it all from start to finish. 



We perform any necessary on-site preparations at the same time as we construct your parts, so as to ensure the fastest possible delivery time.


Bringing it to Life

This is the fun part. Just chill out while we assemble your beautiful new space in a matter of weeks. Because we prepare all the parts off-site, the process is simple and fast and involves no heavy equipment, no trucks, and no cranes.

Welcome, California

ADU havens are spreading around the bay. 

Our Guarantee:
Full transparency all the way 

Building projects can be stressful, especially when the costs add up. That's why we want to reassure you that the price we quote upfront is the price you will pay. We Offer full transparency and guarantee no surprise costs at the end.

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