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Cupertino Regulations


Permit Restrictions

  • A building permit will be required for a unit > 120 square feet that is being utilized (not a shed)

  • Regardless of whether a planning permit is required, an in-depth site plan must be submitted, and all planning department regulations must be followed

  • If there is an addition of a deck (attached to the ADU with a step height > 18 inches), the following restrictions apply:

    • Minimum setback from any property line: 10 feet

  • The addition of electricity would require an electrical permit

Setback and Height Restrictions


Zoning Restrictions

  • All single-family homes are permitted to have ADUs

  • All two-family homes are permitted to have ADUs

  • All multi-family homes are permitted to have ADUs

Setback and Height Restrictions

Other Restrictions


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