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San Jose Regulations


Permit Restrictions

  • Planning Permit: Typically not required for a unit < 120 square feet with no electrical or plumbing

  • The addition of electrical would require a permit and inspection

  • Attached decks < 200 square feet and < 30" do not require a permit

  • Building Permit: Required if the structure is > 120 square feet or has electricity

  • Fire restrictions:

    • > 120 square feet & < 5 feet from the property line: one-hour fire protection walls needed on walls parallel to the property line

Setback and Height Restrictions


Zoning Restrictions

  • All of the following zoned single-family or multi-family homes are permitted to have ADUs:

    • R-1 (most single-family homes)

    • R-2, R-M (duplexes & multi-family)

    • PD (planned development)

Setback and Height Restrictions

Other Restrictions


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