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Walnut Creek Regulations


Permit Restrictions

  • The decision on whether or not a Design Review is needed from the planning department depends on the zoning, square footage, floor area ratio of the existing house, and proposed lot coverage but will most likely be a staff-level decision

  • Building permits are dependent on the type of structure and whether or not the space is conditioned

  • The addition of electricity, a deck, or slab foundation (if needed) would all most likely trigger a building permit

Height and Setback Restrictions


Zoning Restrictions

  • The following districts can build ADUs:

    • Single family residential: R-8, R-8.5, R-10, R-12, R-15, R-20, R-40

    • Duplex & multifamily: D-3, M-0.75, M-1, M-2, M-2.5, M-3

    • Other: M-H-D, H-P-D, M-U, O-S-R, HO P-D, P-D, SFH-PD1, MU-C, MU-R, MU-D

Setback and Height Restrictions

Other Restrictions


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